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CLM8: the genius of the LAUMAS family

CLM8 transmitters

Its skills CLM8 is the intelligent, multifaceted and versatile junction box. It has many strengths, which allow it to fulfill every wish: It offers all the advantages and performances of an advanced digital weighing system using analog load cells, which allow…

Calibrating: the different types of zero setting

In order to correctly measure the weight value and obtain an accurate result, it is essential for the weighing system to be correctly zero set. With LAUMAS instruments, 4 types of zero-setting can be performed, to be used depending on the circumstances. It…

How to install a Weighing System correctly

This article gives the installation recommendations that we have been providing to our customers for more than 40 years: machine and plant manufacturers, system integrators, dealers and service centers. We have answered the most frequently asked technical questions gathering our assembly tips, guidelines and precautions…