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TLB4 load cell transmitters

Super TLB4: The Secret Weapons of a Weight Transmitter

A new concept of weight transmitter LAUMAS and weight transmitters: an immediate association in the weighing sector.This is because, over the years, we have actually developed and brought the world a new concept of transmitter. Let’s trace a very brief history of how…

CLM8 transmitters

CLM8: the genius of the LAUMAS family

Its skills CLM8 is the intelligent, multifaceted and versatile junction box. It has many strengths, which allow it to fulfill every wish: It offers all the advantages and performances of an advanced digital weighing system using analog load cells, which allow…

TLE transmitters

TLE: the transmitter at the service of simplicity

A stylish butler A trusted butler is professional and knowledgeable and can serve with discretion and helpfulness, just like TLE weight transmitter. It holds the reins of the weighing systems in which it is installed and accompanies the user toward a…