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Panatronik is the Stocking Partner for Indonesia.


Provide Weighing Indicators, Transmitters, Load Cells for Drum Filling, Jumbo Bag, Batching Plant, Multi Material or Multi Components Weighing Applications.


Compact space-saving shape Weight Transmitters with vertical rise, ideal for back panel mounting and suited for multi-scale applications. Compatible with all PLCs.

Wiring &

Customized your system with Fire Resistant 4-wire or 6-wire Load Cells combined with our Lightning & Shock Proof Stainless Steel Junction Box and Load Cell Digitizer.


Semua komponen yang Anda butuhkan untuk membuat sistem penimbangan yang baik.

Single Point, Beam, Compression, Tension Load Cell, Load Cells Digitizer, and Mounting Kits for Load Cells

Basic Indicators, Batching Controllers, Weighbridge Indicators, and Weight Transmitters

Industrial Grade Mild Steel or Stainless Steel Platform with 1 or 4 load cells, Low-High Capacity Crane Scales

Customized Software to control, monitoring and data report for many industrial weighing applications

4-wire or 6-wire Load Cell Cable, Weight Standards and many selection of 4 up to 8 channels Load Cells Junction Box

Weight Indicators, Weight Transmitters, Load Cells, Junction Boxes available for Explosive Atmosphere

Professional Services

The PANATRONIK team is staffed with weighing technicians experienced in multiple facets in the scale and force measurement industries.  With additional support from LAUMAS (a leader of the industry since 1984), together we have created solutions for customers in many industries.  We always are looking forward to new and challenging projects.  Offering replacement load cells, custom load cells, or a complete batch weighing system.


Produk yang direkomendasikan untuk memastikan peningkatan produktivitas dan efisiensi Anda.

TLE transmitters

TLE: the transmitter at the service of simplicity

Simple, functional and convenient to configure, it is the most accessible and cost-effective of our weight transmitters

CLM8 transmitters

CLM8: the genius of the LAUMAS family

One junction box, many smart solutions...precisely, brilliant!

TLB4 load cell transmitters

Super TLB4: the secret weapons of a weight transmitter

Discovering the powers of the Made in Italy digital Superhero


Masalah yang sering dihadapi teknisi terkait sistem penimbangan.

How To Check if a Load Cell is working correctly

Measuring the resistance and voltage of the load cell with a digital multimeter

How to install a weighing system correctly

Install load cells, weight indicators and transmitters in a weighing system

Calibrating: the different types of zero setting

The 4 types of zeroing to use depending on the circumstances

Klien Kami

Mereka mempercayai kami untuk menyediakan sistem penimbangan baru atau mengganti yang lama.

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