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PT. Panatron Mekatronik Pastima (Panatronik) is a designer and manufacturer of weighing equipment and weighing systems, manually as well as automatically suitable to the adaptive needs towards the changes and the growth of technology. We help businesses integrate scales and measuring devices into their business operations, ensuring high levels of reliability and improved productivity.

Our mission is simple — to provide businesses with extremely accurate scales at an affordable price!

Frequently Asked

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Go to the product page then select the product you want to purchase and later we will send quotation to you

Regular price displayed for standard units, also additional price which already be summarized when you click the optionals displayed within each product.  Exclude taxes and shipping cost to your place or sites

You can send email to our representative at franky@panatronik.com or call to our office at (021) 2947 7414 and we would be happy to help you get what you need regarding weighing systems components or applications

Every weighing electronics and load cells displayed on this website have guarantee. We will support all of our clients by giving some trainings and handle any complains within 1 – 2 days, exclude holidays


With supports from our principal, we manage to design, manufacture and install weighing system for industry according to user needs


We make sure every existing weighing system works correctly and replace some part if required to make sure your productivity is not compromised