Instrument Manager Weighing Setup/Calibration Software

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Free software for the management of all our W series Weight Indicators and TL series Weight Transmitters from a PC.

This tool allows you to configure the parameters, monitor, perform real calibration and update our instruments.
Multi-language software.


Through the Instrument Manager, you can create a complete configuration for an instrument by setting the values of all the functional parameters from a PC. You can also create complete configurations for instruments not connected to a PC and send or upload them later.
You can compare different configurations and print a summary of the value of all the parameters, highlighting any differences.


Real-time monitoring of the weight read by the instrument to analyze the pattern in relation to setpoint, stability and digital inputs/outputs.
For Multichannel Weight Transmitters, you can see in real time the weight distribution on the various load cells connected to the instrument and the mV values individually read on each channel. In this way, your diagnostic operations will be much easier.


Calibration of an instrument through sample weights.
For Multichannel Weight Transmitters, you can select the channels and equalize the instrument to standardize the weight read when its position on the platform varies.


The Instrument Manager software allows you to update the firmware of the weighing instrument by automatically downloading from the internet the new firmware distributed by Laumas.

Qualified access to legally relevant parameters for approved instruments.


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